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Volunteer Roles

JCC Piranhas Volunteer Information

Welcome to the 2019 Piranhas swim season! We will have 8 meets this year, including CHAMPS. The Piranhas Summer Swim Team is run by parent volunteers who make organizing and implementing swim meets efficient and fun. We require that at least one parent from every family volunteer at every meet in which your child swims.

How to register for VOLUNTEER SHIFTS

*Go to

Sign in to your account.

1. Click on schedule; then meets

2. Click on desired meet (JCC Piranhas @ Avery Ranch)

3. Click on "Job Sign Up"

4. Click "Job Sign Up" under name volunteering

5. Choose your position and shift

6. Click "SAVE"

In the event we are short of volunteers, additional reminder emails will be sent to all parents about volunteering.

Volunteer Positions Available

Age Group Parents:The Age Group Parent will be responsible for making sure swimmers are marked for the meet and at the ready bench in time to swim. This volunteer will help monitor swimmers' behavior in between races and report any missing swimmers to the Head Age Group Parent.

Announcer: The Announcer is responsible for making announcements including calling upcoming races as well as maintaining a lively atmosphere by making sure music is playing.

Awards/Ribbons: The Awards/Ribbons volunteer is responsible for getting the ribbons ready after each event by placing the awards labels on each ribbon. The ribbons will need to be organized by child and age group. The ribbons from the swim meet will be given to the kids on Monday during swim practice.

Clean Up/Take Down: The volunteers for Clean Up/Take Down are responsible for helping the meet officials pack up all the equipment, including the tents, and loading them into the cargo trailer at the end of the meet. Once the swim meet is completed, this crew will take down all equipment and clean up the area...essentially leaving the pool area the same or better than when we first arrived on scene.

Computer Operator: The Computer Operator enters times during the meet and prepares printouts for the ribbons personnel.

Concessions: The concessions committee assists with organization, set-up, implementation, and clean up of the concessions stand at home meets.

On Call Volunteer: Not sure where to help? Willing to assist in a variety of roles? WE are sure to have a job for you! On Call Volunteers will help as needed in any capacity determined by the volunteer coordinator and/or meet director.

Head Age Group Parent: The head Age Group Parent will act as the go-to volunteer for all age group parents. Age Group volunteers will report missing swimmers to the head for instructions on relay changes. This volunteer will assist age group parents as needed.

Head Timer: The Head Timer will be responsible for helping the host team with back up stop watches. This volunteer will also be sure that all JCC timers report as registered for their shifts and finding replacements as necessary.

Heat Ribbons: The Heat Ribbons volunteer is responsible for giving heat winner ribbons to the winner of each heat in each event.

Hospitality: Hospitality volunteers will run water to other volunteers as needed. Almost all volunteers will be in the sun a good part of the day, so we need to make sure everyone stays hydrated!

Marshal – This position is responsible for keeping all non-essential volunteers from behind the blocks on the home swim meets. The only people allowed behind the blocks are the coaches, runners, timers, and swimmers.

Meet Director: The Meet Director will work with the home team meet director to be sure the meet runs smoothly and assist as necessary if the need arises. Both meet directors will have a final say in issues of fairness and compliance during the meet.

Ready Bench: The ready bench is key to keeping the meet on schedule. Ready Bench volunteers will assist the home team ready bench leader in placing swimmers in their assigned heats and lanes on the ready bench. They will also bring the younger swimmers poolside from the ready bench to their lane assignment. Please receive pre-approval for this position.

Ribbons: Ribbon volunteers will peel and stick labels to place ribbons and sort them in team boxes. Ribbon volunteers usually sit in the scorers' area.

Runners: All runners will collect and deliver time cards and DQ slips to the scorers table.

Scorer: Scorers will sit at the scorers' table to assist computer operator and organize time cards and DQ slips. They also double check the scoring printouts for accuracy and are responsible for posting the results.

Set Up: The volunteers for Set Up arrive prior to the scheduled arrival time of the swimmers and are responsible for helping the meet officials set up Age Group tents, Announcer equipment and Starter equipment.

Starter: The Starter starts each event with the announcement of the age group and event and stroke. The Starter then announces "Swimmers take your mark," pauses to make sure all swimmers are motionless and ready, and then gives an electronic sound to signal the start of the race.

Stroke Judge: The Stroke Judges will work in pairs on each side of the pool with one member of each pair being from the other team. All judges must be qualified. Judges will determine legality of swims per heat and lane and complete DQ slips as necessary.

Timers: The Timer records a time of the swimmer in the lane to which they are assigned using a stopwatch. The timer writes the time on the heat sheet at the end of the event as a backup copy.

Volunteer Coordinator: The volunteer coordinator will possess the master volunteer list for our team. This volunteer will be responsible for assuring that all volunteers report as indicated and finding on deck replacements or additions as necessary.

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